JNH Lifestyles Freedom 2 Person Infrared Sauna Reviews TODAY

If you are looking for 2 person infrared sauna then JNH will be perfect for you!

As they have vast experience in making saunas and they always produce fantastic product!

First of all, let ​me tell you that it was a nerve-wracking task to ​review JNH Lifestyles freedom 2 person infrared sauna​. Therefore, our experts consumed 22+ hours for intense research and reviewed it thoroughly​.

So, let's begin the review!

JNH Lifestyles freedom 2 person infrared sauna Reviews:

JNH Lifestyles Freedom 2 Person Infrared Sauna Reviews

JNH Lifestyles Freedom 2 Person Infrared Sauna Reviews

If you know about the sauna then you have must heard the name JNH Of California! They are famous and they make the awesome infrared sauna! They always believe in serving good and quality product to the customers.

Also, the company can provide a customized product by treating every customer as an individual.

​Shall we checkout what we are getting in this JNH Lifestyles Freedom 2 Person Infrared Sauna?





47.3 x 75 x 39.5 inches

Item Weight

250 pounds

Shipping Weight

274 pounds


JNH Lifestyles



Item model number




Electrical requirement

120v~15 Amp


1540 W

EMF rating

2 to 3 mG 6 inches away from the heater


2 years


Carbon fiber heaters are used for heating purpose. Ever wonder why it is named as carbon fiber heaters?

It is because the element present in the heater is made up of carbon. There are seven carbon fiber heaters are installed inside the sauna room. Among which two are back heaters, two are shoulder heaters, two are leg heaters, and one is calf heater.

The reason behind placing the heaters in different areas because it will uniformly spread the radiant heat throughout the sauna room. As a result, the radiant heat will penetrate the skin up to cellular level.

Furthermore, the sauna offers low EMF due to which it is less harmful to our health.

Wood and Construction:

The wood which is used for the construction is Canadian Hemlock wood. Once if the wood is kiln dried, it offers greater strength against the human load. Additionally, it provides excellent rot resistance as well as will be less susceptible to insects attack.

Furthermore, the wood is FSC certified with no chemical added nor plywood added.

The construction of the sauna is built by 'Tongue and Groove' method. The specialty of the of the technique is that it will transform two flat surfaces of wood into a single flat surface panel.

Therefore, the technique is used in flooring, paneling and for similar construction.

assembly and insulation:

The assembly of the sauna is hazel free due to its tool-free design. The sauna offer buckles due to which you can attach the panels. Also, it is effortless to disassemble the sauna to locate somewhere else.

Furthermore, the sauna offers dual wall insulation due to which the heat can be trapped inside the sauna room without escaping the hot air. It also means that the sauna can be located in tight places without the fear of heat expansion and insulation.

Moreover, the specialty of the sauna is that it can quickly heat up the room and you can feel warm even at low temperature. As a result, JNH Lifestyles freedom 2 person infrared sauna will consume less electricity. Hence you can save your money.

Other components:

With the JNH Lifestyles freedom 2 person infrared sauna product, you will have a tempered glass which posses many benefits. For instance, the glass breaks down into granular chunk when shatters. As a result, it will be less harmful because the granular pieces have no sharp edges.

Additionally, the glass offers a see-through door feature due to which you are able to see outside the sauna room within inside. Also, the glass provides better insulation due to which the heat inside the sauna room will last long.

Furthermore, the sauna incorporates a sound system. Isn't it exciting?

Now, you will have no longer boring session because you can play soft, light and slow music which suits your mood and make you feel calm and relax. Also, along with the sound system, you will have two premium speakers who will enhance the stereo sound.

Additionally, you will have a volume rocker due to which you can adjust the volume of the sound system which can be operate through any portable device.

Moreover, you will be facilitated with the LED lights which are cost effective than normal bulbs. Also, it has greater durability due to which the you can use the sauna for long years.

Above all, the JNH Lifestyles freedom 2 person infrared sauna has a digital control panel which allows you to change the temperature of the sauna room. Also, it will be useful for sauna duration. 

It's not the end, but even more, there is the most crucial topic left to make you aware of which is 'health benefits.' So, let's begin!


Believe me; you are not aware of the fact that your skin has major exposure to harmful toxins like zinc, lead, pesticides and many more. Therefore, sometimes you feel that you are suffering from any health issue.

So, to avoid such situation and get rid of the toxins, use JNH Lifestyles freedom 2 person infrared sauna because it will help you to release out the toxins through sweat.


After the sauna session, you will feel relaxed, active and energetic because it will balance your body’s cortisol level. Also, it will adjust the level of the primary stress hormone.

Furthermore, it will reduce the level of lactic acid and reduce muscle tension due to which you can feel relaxed and de-stress.

Weight loss:

This is the concerned topic which people takes seriously nowadays because most of the people are having a sedentary job due to which they are unable to do exercise and hence, the body weight increases.

But with the JNH Lifestyles freedom 2 person infrared sauna forget the about weight increment because this sauna will help you to shed pounds easily without doing any brisk workout.

This happens because when your body is near a hot area, it will increase your heartbeat as well as blood circulation. Therefore, your body has to work hard to lower the body’s core temperature which ultimately burns the calories. As a result, you will lose weight.

Increase Blood Circulation:

When the heat of the sauna increases your core temperature, it will increase the blood circulation simultaneously due to which you can improve muscle recovery, reduce aches and joint pains.

Reduce Aches and Joint pains:

The reason behind the aches and joint pains is swelling and inflammation. When the body is in the proximity of the warm environment, it will increase the heartbeat simultaneously with blood circulation. As a result, your body's core temperature will increase which consequently create a false fever.

Therefore, the system forces the gland to increase the production of white blood cells. These white blood cells will be targeted towards the area where the occurrence of swelling and inflammation is more. Hence, you are free from the joint pains and aches.

Finally, let's have a look on merits and demerits of JNH Lifestyles freedom 2 person infrared sauna product which are listed below.

First of all, let we reveal something from the public reviews, we came to know that the EMF rating of JNH Lifestyles freedom 2 person infrared sauna is beyond the rating that the company mentioned when measured with a Gauss-meter. Due to which it makes the sauna risky to purchase because probably it will cause any health hazard.

  • ​Pros:
  • Life time technical support
  • Reduce weight
  • Improve digestive system
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Reduce joint pains and aches
  • Good for detoxifying program
  • Quickly heat up the room
  • Excellent customer service
  • Top notch quality
  • 2 years warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tool free design
  • FSC certified wood
  • Tongue and Groove construction
  • No chemicals or plywood added
  • Dual wall insulation
  • Glass can tolerate high temperature
  • ​Cons:
  • EMF rating over cross the mentioned rating

In search of a couple sauna? Want to lift the advantage of health benefits? Then we surely recommend you to buy JNH Lifestyles freedom 2 person infrared sauna and enjoy the sauna session. Hurry up! Check out the latest price and buy it today from Amazon!

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