JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna Reviews

JNH Lifestyles, a large company of Ontario, California, who have hands deeply indulge in the market of manufacturing JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna.

And today in this article you will come to know everything about the JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna reviews and the benefits of using it. 

The milestone of the company is to serve people with a quality product and to maintain a good relationship with their customers, while the motto is to provide every individual a disease-free life through JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna.

Now, let we give you a quick small overview about the JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna product and then we will see JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna reviews :

JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna is a small room type structure, where only one person can  able to fit. This product can transform any small space into personal wellness retreat. The company offers low EMF as well as low ELF infrared saunas.

A quick information about ELF.

ELF stands for Extremely Low Frequency. It falls at the the bottom of Electromagnetic Spectrum where the frequency of this fields lies between 3 to 30 hertz. If the frequency of ELF will be higher than given ratings, then surely it will affect your health. Therefore, the product is too good for your health.

Now, you very much comfortable with the sufficient knowledge which is hopefully superb for you. Additionally, we will give brief content about  JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna.

Now, we will see JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna reviews and specification.

Product Specification:




35.5" (w) x 35.5" (d) x 75" (h)

Exterior Wood

Cedar Wood

Interior Wood

Cedar Wood

Back Heaters 


Shoulder Heaters


Leg Heaters


Calf Heater


Total Number of Heaters



1320 W

EMF Rating

2-3 mG at 6 inches far from heaters



Item Model Number


Item Wieght

250 Pounds

Shipping Wieght

250 Pounds

Product Description:

This guide will  provide a brief content about the product. So, lets begin the tour!

T&G Construction: 

This is a type of method which is used to fit two identical flat objects and is mainly don in woods. For an instance, like in flooring, paneling, parquetry and some similar construction. This type of method give a strong bond when connected edge to edge and transform two flat objects in one flat surface.   

Carbon Fiber Infrared Heaters:

This is the key element of sauna. There are 6 carbon fiber far-infrared heaters are installed which will help to generate hot air. This are situated at back, calf and leg side areas to maximise the heat. This hot will help you to sweat and remove toxins from your body.

Now, we will make you aware of the process behind it.

Usually, an infrared heater is a high temperature body which will transform its energy to the lower temperature body (human's Body) through the media of radiation. This phenomena is occurred to balance temperature. As, your body tends to absorb the radiation, it will start sweating and hence you will able to shed pounds.

Material used:

Cedar woods are used for the construction of sauna. This wood have plethora of advantages like it is very durable because it is resist rot, decay and insects attack. Along with that, it resist moisture absorption, which offers less maintenance and this is why it lasts long. Additionally, the appearance is very attractive as it gives a beautiful finish.   

Furthermore, it is Eco-friendly. It is biodegradable wood and it is more environmental friendly than synthetic products. Moreover, this wood are affordable as these are least expensive and posses many advantages.

Dual Wall Insulation:

This is the crucial part of construction as the hot air should be entrapped inside the room only. This is done with the help of dual wall insulation which will not let the hot air expand outside, so you can enjoy your sauna session comfortably. 

Also, this process is friendly to environment because dual wall insulation offers air tight and thermal bridges which will not let the hot air to escape. So, less electricity will be consumed. As a consequence, electricity generating power plants will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and thus it will lower the pollution rate. 

Sound system:

Sometimes, sitting quietly inside the room creates boredom. But now, this problem will not bother you anymore as you can now enjoy your sauna session with melodious music. You can change the song as per your mood and you can play music from you portable device. Interesting right!

LED Lightning:

Users experienced significant merits of using LED lights in the sauna. Like as, medical benefits and cosmetic benefits.

Health BEnefits:

In medical benefits, you will get relief from aches, joint pains, inflammation, swelling and so on while that of cosmetic benefits include anti-aging therapy. Some of the users claimed that it tends to reduce the wrinkles, age-spots and crow's feet and you will look young as you are in your of 20.

This is what you read about product description. Have you ever wonder that how these sauna session will be helpful in maintaining healthy life. If not, then do not panic because we are going to tell you the health benefits of using JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna which are as follows:


After having sauna, you will be have deep and better sleep as you are now free from your joint pains and aches which makes you relax.

Detoxification is the main focus of having sauna. Detoxification is a process through which you are able to release harmful toxins from your body.


Generally, people use sauna or steaming process to shed pounds. Reducing     weight mainly depends on blood circulation. The blood circulation starts when  your body tends to be in warmer place. 

Meditation is one of the method that helps you to be calm and mentally active. But meditation require a quite place and this is what exactly you will find inside JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared SaunaAfter sauna session, you will feel fresh and active.    


One  of the health benefit is that you will have stronger immune system. The radiation wave will directly penetrate your muscles and tissues, which make sensation of unwinding and hence create a 'fake fever'. Hence, the immune system will increase the production of white blood cells which will reduce the inflammation and swelling.

Purification of blood occurs when the blood carries metabolism waste with them and fill it with enriched oxygen.   

Help people to overcome who are CFS sufferers. CFS stands for chronic fatigue syndrome, a disorder which leads to many causes like hypersensitivity to ordinary exercises, memory loss, deficiency of deep sleep, joint or muscle pain and much more.

Blood circulation releases endorphin hormones which is known for good mood.  

JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna reviews are excellent on the Amazon website. People love to buy this product and were amazed by the customer service they provided.

  • Pros:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy dis-mental for relocate
  • Good for Detoxification
  • Durable furniture
  • Dual wall insulation
  • Spread hot air evenly
  • Digital panel control for temperature adjustment
  • Glass are able to resist higher temperature 
  • See through glass
  • Relief form aches and joint pains 
  • Quick heating rate
  • Purifies your blood
  • Control metabolism
  • Enhance immune system 
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • ​Cons:
  • One person use at a time
  • Unpleasant casing
  • List Element

To sum up, from JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna reviews and detailed information, we highly recommend you to use as it has many advantages with negligible disadvantages which are easy to negotiate and if you want to enjoy all alone without sharing a hot room with anyone, this option will be the best choice for you. What are you waiting for!

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