10+ Infrared Sauna Health Benefits YOU SHOULD KNOW

In this article, we are going to discuss and make you aware of the infrared sauna health benefits.

In day to day life, we often use infrared sauna after exhausting office work or after brisk exercise. But have you ever notice what the health benefits of infrared sauna therapy are. No, right! Do not worry; we are here to reveal you about infrared sauna health benefits. So, let's begin.

But first, let we give you quick information about the sauna.

Sauna is a process of cleaning and refreshing your body inside a small room having hot air.

types of sauna:

Wood Burning Sauna: Traditional Method:

It is a Finnish sauna type originated by people of Finland. In this process, burning of wood takes place in the stove, and fire controlling in the stove can attain the required temperature. The ideal temperature of this sauna is at least 65.5 c.

It is beneficial in the case if many people are gathered and want to enjoy a sauna session as this sauna can reach up to the highest temperatures thus by decreasing the humidity of the room.

Electrically Heated Sauna:

Nowadays, electrically heated sauna is very common. Undoubtedly, it is far comfortable and convenient to use this sauna as you do not have to worry about supplying of woods to keep the room heated. You have to plug in the wire once, and you can enjoy your sauna session at the desired temperature.

One of the most significant benefits of using 'Electrically Heated Sauna' is that it allows you to control the temperature. This sauna has a remote control so you can a regulate the temperature inside the room by sitting at a place without spoiling your sauna session. Additionally, this sauna is more energy-efficient than the traditional one.

Infrared Sauna: health therapy

This sauna operated through zero EMF carbon fiber infrared heaters. Zero EMF is the crucial aspect of this sauna as EMF leads to a biological imbalance in our body and as a consequence, it will create health hazards.

The most noticeable point of an infrared sauna is that it offers radiation which directly penetrates your body tissue and muscles, opposite of traditional sauna. Along with that, you will have a digital panel control which will be useful to vary the room temperature.

Moreover, there are a lot of health benefits of infrared sauna therapy which are discussed further in detail.

Now, we are going to see the health benefits of infrared sauna vs. traditional sauna.

If you are looking for a social environment and want to enjoy sauna steam at a higher temperature, then traditional sauna is suitable for you, while infrared sauna operates at a lower temperature but with deep body penetrating heat.

The traditional sauna will take 45 minutes to heat the interior of a room as you have to pour water on rock mass to generate steam. On the other hand, IR sauna will take 15-20 minutes to warm the interior, and you do not have to be panic about water pouring as heaters will heat the room, and the distribution of heat will be evenly spread.

IR sauna can attain temperature up to 140 degrees while traditional sauna offers the temperature up to 190 degrees.

Having significant differences between IR and traditional sauna, even though, provides similar health benefits which are as follows:

  • Releases toxins from your body through deep sweating
  • Improve immune system
  • reduce joint pains and aches
  • ​Provide good resistance over illness
  • ​Increase blood circulation
  • Glow your skin
  • Reduce wrinkles, age spot or crow's feet

This is all about the proven infrared sauna health benefits as well as traditional sauna health benefits.

Further, the IR sauna degrades into two types:

Near Infrared Lamp Sauna:

In this sauna, all the wiring present in one wall and the location of sauna is far away from 110-volt house wiring. Additionally, the near infrared sauna profoundly penetrates the skin. Furthermore, closer the heat lamps, better would be blood circulation.

As the lamps are situated nearby at a place, you have to rotate the body for absorbing heat, which is opposite of a far infrared sauna.

Far Infrared Sauna:

In this sauna, the emitters are placed all over the wiring is all around the sauna. This sauna does not offer deep penetrating heat, in contrast with near infrared sauna. Add on to it; this sauna provides good blood circulation throughout the body as the heat distributes evenly.

The most attractive aspect is that you do not have to rotate your body as the heat emitters are everywhere.

Infrared Sauna Health Benefits:


One of the best-infrared sauna health benefits is detoxification. It happens when the body reaches the proximity of hot area, it will increase the rate of circulation of your blood. As the circulation increases, it will tend to carry the harmful toxin, and consequently, it will enrich your blood with pure oxygen. As sweating starts, it will carry out the toxins within the sweat.

Metabolism and Weight Loss:

It is challenging to shed pounds. But by daily usage of infrared sauna, you can achieve the weight you were looking. It is all the game of producing more sweat. As you will increase sweat production, it will help you to burn calories to reduce fats.

It is one the infrared sauna health benefits which you are desperately looking for, right! 

Pain Muscle:

The two key factors behind muscle pain are inflammation and swelling. It will reduce once the circulation increases and the hot temperature is the best time for the relaxation of the muscles.


Blood circulation will remove dead cells, and this circulation benefits you with color, tone, the elasticity of skin and texture.

This was all we read about infrared sauna health benefits. Admittedly, are enormous advantages of having sauna session in daily life which will be useful to be calm, reduce anxiety, mentally active and so on.

So, now you know all the health benefits of the infrared sauna then why not have one for yourself?

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