Indoor Sauna vs. Outdoor Sauna – which one is the best for you today?

In day to day life, you have use sauna many a time either in a gym or recreational centers. But, have you ever noticed that sauna are mainly of two types regarding location.

No? Do not panic.

Through this post, we are going to reveal two types of sauna. Not sufficient? Right!

Of course, along with the types, we will make you aware of the health benefits, the difference between the types, the specification of each kind and much more.

Too desperate to read. Isn't it?

Okay! Let's begin.

Before that, we give you quick information for the people who are not familiar with sauna.

Sauna is a room built up of softwoods and heater (electric or wood-burning) is installed in it. Through the heater, the heat can reach up to 190 degrees F

Indoor sauna:

The sauna which is placed inside a room of the house or occupies excess space of your home is termed as an indoor sauna.

outdoor sauna:

A sauna which is located outside the house,i.e., backyard or garden, where you take the gist of having sauna session on the lap of mother nature.

Before having a look at the comparison between indoor vs. outdoor sauna, let us see the common thing both the models require for running.

First of all, every sauna rooms require the water supply. So, we need to keep the constant water supply to generate steam. Additionally, some water will be required by the user before and after the sauna session.

Heaters need power for operation. So, power connection should be there to make the room warm by heaters.

If the mode of heat is wood-burning, then provide proper ventilation for smoke escape.

Now, let's see a compassion table to compare indoor vs. outdoor sauna:

Indoor Sauna

  • Easy access for water supply
  • No need of foundation
  • Perfect way for utilizing space
  • Gives luxurious touch
  • Weather affect is negligible 
  • Privacy is more
  • Space restriction
  • Consume less time for installation

Outdoor Sauna

  • Lift the advantage of eye-candy view 
  • No space restriction 
  • Have adventurous 'Do It Yourself' scenario
  • Easy venting
  • Foundation needed for stability
  • Difficult availability of water supply 
  • Used in any season
  • Require suitable electricity supply
  • Consumes time for installation

We hope you are crystal clear about what is an indoor sauna and outdoor sauna?

After a lot of hard work and research, we came to know that Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna is suitable for indoor sauna while Almost Heaven Saunas is preferable for the outdoor sauna

Indoor Sauna:

If you are looking for the best sauna in the market, then do check out below!


Blue Wave is a gigantic manufacturer of 'Radiant Saunas 2 Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna'. The motto of the company is to serve quality products to the users/customers which should be extraordinary, and they have never imagined.

They firmly believe that it is all worthless if they fail to provide excellent shipment with the quality products. They are also aware of the fact that it is all awful if they could not be able to deliver the product on time.

Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna reviews

Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna reviews




Product Dimensions

49 x 39 x 75 inches

Item Weight

354 pounds

Shipping Weight

382 pounds


Blue Wave Products



Item model number


Electric Requirement


Interior dimension

43"W x 35"D x 67"H

Infrared Wavelenghts

5-12 microns


1725 W

Glass Door

8-mm thick


7 years

Now, let's take a look at the product.

Did you have any idea about what is infrared sauna?

Yes? Pretty cool! Even though, let we give you a small introduction about what is sauna?

An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters which emits infrared lights (termed as radiant heat), and the skin will absorb this infrared light.

The phenomena of convention and convection absorb this heat through the air and by radiation through heated surfaces.

Now, we will see the health benefits of indoor infrared sauna:



The safe and natural way to get healed and stay healthy is sweating. Through indoor infrared sauna, the detoxification process occurs at high temperature. Thus, this heat will try to increase your core temperature.

As a consequence, it will help the detoxifying process to take place cellular level, where harmful toxins are inhabited.

The detoxification process helps you to strengthen your immune system and improves body's biochemical functioning, thus by providing an excellent digestive system.


This sauna is sometimes known as 'Passive cardio' because it tends to increase the heart rate when your core temperature is high. It is alike, doing exercise in a gym.

As the heartbeat increases, it will directly increase the blood circulation and hence the metabolism rate increases.


The most significant benefit of using this sauna is to get a glowing and youthful skin.

The primary reason behind the phenomena is the production of collagen. Far infrared waves will produce collagen which tends to make skin flexible.

Also, it makes skin elastic and provides glowing skin thus by delivering nutrients to the skin through blood circulation.

Loved it! Right? 


There are two types of aging: Biological aging and chronological aging.

The foundation of both agings is stress. This will try to produce hormetic stress.

Let we make you understand what hormetic stress is?

It is a process of stimulation of lower level stress for cellular and molecular pathways. Consequently, it will improve the tendency to resist greater stress.

Sauna session is to generate heat stress which helps to increase the production of heat shock proteins. These proteins will help to repair the damaged proteins.

As age advances, the capacity to produce heat shock proteins reduces. However, some of the people can produce such proteins even at high age due to a genetic mutation.

It will also benefit to extend the lifespan.


After having a sauna, you will feel relaxed as you have sweat out the sore muscle pains and joint pains.

  • ​Pros:
  • Gives you more privacy
  • Easy to install
  • Occupy less space
  • Sound system of high quality
  • Thick glass for safety​
  • Easy to disassemble 
  • FSC certified wood
  • Resist scratch 
  • Low level EMF
  • Therapy lights
  • CE, CETl, RoHS and ISO 9001 certified
  • Additional accessories for pleasant experience 
  • 7 years warranty
  • ​Cons:
  • Consumes time to reach at peak temperature

If you are wondering for the best indoor sauna that make you feel relaxed, then you are at right place. We highly recommend you to have 'RADIANT SAUNAS 2-PERSON HEMLOCK INFRARED SAUNA' if you want to enjoy the sauna inside your house. This sauna offers you many of health benefits. To check the latest price of these products, hit the button given below.

Outdoor sauna:

Searching for a best outdoor sauna? Scroll down, and you will get want you want.

Salem 2-Person Barrel Sauna:

Almost Heaven Sauna, one of the leading industry established in Holland, USA, for manufacturing 'Salem 2-Person Barrel Sauna'.

They are serving people across the globe for over 40 years.

Salem 2-Person Barrel Sauna reviews

Salem 2-Person Barrel Sauna reviews

Product Specification:



Interior Dimension

71″L x 39″W x 71″H




4.5 Kw Finnish Heater 

Heater Electrical Requirement 

220v and 20 Amp service

Lightning Electrical Requirement

110v and plu-in 15 Amp


Almost Heaven Saunas



Exterior dimensions

72″W x 47″D x 77″H

Moving on, let see some the distinctive features of 'SALEM 2-PERSON BARREL SAUNA'.

Let's get started!

Structure and Design:

This barrel-shaped sauna is supported by a stainless steel band and with minimum fasteners. This allows lumber staves to expand and contract to provide a tight seal.

Beneath the sauna, polymer cradles are placed which support the sauna and lift sauna's undercarriage off the ground.  

Materials Used:

This barrel-shaped outdoor sauna is constructed with Rustic Red Cedar wood. This is the ideal lumber which is used mostly to make outdoor sauna.

This sauna offers standard wood with finished edges.

Along with that, thick glass, as well as a stainless steel frame, is used as an integral part for better durability of the whole unit.

There is a lifetime commitment for sauna and a 5 year replace or repair promise for the heater.


This sauna includes many of the things like perfectly sized heater, stones, bucket, and thermometer which enhance your sauna experience. 

The Salem is capable to attain the temperature of 150 degrees F in 30 minutes and reach the temperature of 190-195 degrees F in less than an hour. 

Energy Efficient:

The design of the sauna is built in such a way that the heat is evenly distributed all over the room, instead, trap at a particular area.

The lumber provides the best insulation. In other words, the lumber does not allow the heat to escape from the barrel sauna. Thus, within less time the room will be hot which saves whooping electricity.

Health BEnefits of OUTDOOR SAUNA:

Reduce Weight:

Weight loss is the concerned point of every individual. As they are trapped with their corporate works, they could not bare time to do vigorous workout and put on weight.

Fortunately, you are at the correct place if you want to get rid of your fat. 

Fascinating! Right?

Well, the simplest way is to install 'SALEM 2-PERSON BARREL SAUNA' to shed pounds. It will be now very easy to lose with with fun.

Reduce Stress:

The best way to reduce stress is to do meditation at a quite place.

Worried about the quite place?

Do not worry about it. Read the solution given below.

This sauna provides a quiet room where you can do mediation along with shedding pounds.

One arrow and two targets! Interesting, isn't it?

Muscle pain:

The best time for muscle relaxation will be held at a hot temperature. In the meantime, it will allow your muscles to be flexible and reduce muscle sore and pain.

Muscle pain occurs due to swelling and inflammation. To avoid swelling and inflammation, the immune system produces more white blood cells when your body feels too warm. Its= is known as 'False Fever.'

Due to this, the production rate increases and it will directly target the affected part.

Enhance Cardiovascular performance:

Heat is the crucial element which helps you to increase your heartbeat. This exactly what you will face inside the 'SALEM 2-PERSON BARREL SAUNA'.

You can accelerate your heartbeat without doing any energetic work. Lay down on the floor or either sit and sweat more.

Simple formula! Right?

Revamp Appearance:

This sauna provides you a chance to look young.

Confused? Is it true?

Well, it is true. The reason behind this is the production of collagen hormones.

As you get old, the ability to produce collagen hormones reduces. As a result, your skin tone is dark, and your skin has too many wrinkles and what not

What's new?

This sauna can be a guest room for your guest as well. Additionally, placing it near a swimming pool or backyard, you can enjoy the beauty of nature. This is the most significant advantage of having the outdoor sauna.

It feels like you are sitting in an open field, watching mountains, grass field, and more eye-catching views.

  • ​Pros:
  • Spacious
  • Very good for the family
  • Health benefits
  • Uniform distribution of heat
  • Energy efficient
  • Construction is easy
  • Adjust temperature and humidity both
  • Good customer reviews 
  • Top notch quality
  • Provide deep sleep
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality wood used  
  • ​Cons:

However, few people complained about the heater that is not working correctly. Few about the thermometer that the thermometer is not providing the exact reading and they cannot be able the predict the correct temperature inside the sauna.

​If you are looking for the best outdoor sauna then we highly recommend you to buy 'SALEM 2-PERSON BARREL SAUNA' and enjoy the sauna experience. You can install in the backyard or near a swimming pool. Isn't is cool? Then check out the latest price.

​Also check the review of Best infrared Sauna here!

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