6 Best Dynamic Infrared Sauna Reviews 2020

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You might already know that there are numerous benefits for using an Infrared sauna. If not, then let us highlight some of them for you:

  • Detoxifies your body through sweating (removes heavy metals and toxins).
  • Helps with skin anti-aging.
  • Helps with pain relief.
  • Rejuvenated skin.
  • Burns calories.
  • And many many more… (if you want to learn more about the benefits then go HERE)

Let's have a ​quick glance at the Best DYNAMIC infrared sauna!

Best DYNAMIC infrared sauna in 2020


​No of heating pads

​Weight (lbs)

​Dimensions (inches)

​Check Price

​AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona



​39 X 36 X 73

​AMZ-DYN-9101-01 Alicante



​36 X 76.5 X 39

​AMZ-DYN-6202-03 Andora



​48 X 42 X 75

​AMZ-DYN-6210-01 Venice



​50 X 42 X 77

​AMZ-MX-K356-01 Maxxus



​60 X 60 X 75

​AMZ-DYN-63-15-01 Florence



​45 X 63 X 75

So you have decided that you want to buy an infrared sauna​?

What now?

To help you out, we have come up with Best DYNAMIC infrared sauna reviews.

The company DYNAMIC infrared sauna make some of the very best saunas out there on the market.

Let us give you some information on the company.

Dynamic sauna company is an expert at making Far infrared sauna for customers. They have years of experience along with a very good and spreading fan base all around the world.

They also care for our mother earth!

All the best dynamic infrared saunas are constructed keeping the environment in attention. They use only Canadian Hemlock wood which is reforested, so that they make minimum impact on the environment.

Why is it better than other companies?

Dynamic sauna also claims that they have the thickest interior and exterior wood planks in the industry. This is done by constructing all the walls of the sauna with double panels.

This kind of construction and design helps the infrared sauna to heat up quickly and prevents it from losing the heat quickly. This heat retention efficiency results in usage of less energy, so less energy bills!

All the heating pads provided in all the models are made out of Carbon. These pads are very energy efficient and are 30% larger in size when compared to ceramic tube saunas.  They also penetrate your skin a staggering 40% more, to give you better therapeutic experience at home.

The problem with ceramic heaters is that they tent degrade overtime and you have to replace them. But with these Carbon heating pads, you do not have to worry about replacement as they will last very long.  

The dynamic infrared saunas also feature chromo therapy lighting system inside it, which helps balance your health and harmony through different frequencies of lights.

These dynamic infrared saunas operate at a very low and safe temperature of 130F, so you can enjoy it for longer times without discomfort.

When purchasing dynamic infrared saunas, you will get curb side delivery. Although you can call the company and ask them for a white glove delivery which will set the best dynamic infrared sauna inside your house for you.

Talking about the warranty, you get a lifetime warranty on all their electronic equipment on all the models.

We have selected a total of 6 Best Dynamic infrared sauna models they provide and have reviewed them, so that you can decide which one is best suited to you. You will find different prices along with different accommodation capabilities on these Dynamic infrared saunas. If you are looking for best portable saunas of 201​9 then click HERE.

DYNAMIC Infrared Sauna Review AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona – Cheapest Dynamic Infrared sauna on the market

​We are starting out with a Low budget infrared sauna for those people who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on best dynamic infrared saunas.

Or maybe you alone want to have a sauna at your home, in which case this can be a good choice for you.

This is Dynamic infrared sauna Barcelona model. The total dimensions of this best dynamic infrared sauna are 39 X 36 X 73 inches. The total weight is 260 pounds.

This dynamic infrared sauna Barcelona is also featured in our list of the Best Infrared Saunas of 201​9. Please check it out HERE to see more best infrared saunas from all the manufacturers listed in one single post.

Talking about the heating, this Best dynamic sauna Barcelona has a total number of 6 low EMF emitting carbon heating pads. You can easily accommodate yourself and one more person inside it, to get the sauna therapy.

Let’s talk about the control and other features:

You get dual soft touch control panels on both the inside and the outside of you dynamic infrared sauna. So you can control the timings and the temperature easily.

Music lover?

You are in luck then!

You get in-built speaker inside this best dynamic infrared sauna, so you can listen to your favourite songs while enjoying the sauna. You just have to connect your smartphone or an MP3 player with AUX connection to play the songs.

This sauna needs a dedicated 15 Amp 110 Volt outlet, which is the same everyone has in their houses. So no fancy wiring required at all.

You will be up and ready installing this dynamic infrared sauna in just an hour. You can install it anywhere you like basements, baths, closet etc. you can even install it on carpet, you won’t have a problem with it.

If you are looking for a portable sauna, which you can carry it around with you. Then, please have a look at our Top 5 Portable Infrared Sauna Reviews 201​9.

  • ​Pros:
  • ​One or two person capacity.
  • ​MP3 AUX connection.
  • ​Built in speakers.
  • thumbs-up
    Plug and play with normal wall outlet.
  • thumbs-up
    Quick assembly within an hour.
  • ​Cons:
  • ​A maximum of only 2 people can fit inside it.​

​This best dynamic infrared sauna is a very good choice for you if you are looking for cheap infrared sauna that are well built and provide excellent benefits. 

Even better if you are looking for personal use at home. This dynamic infrared sauna is perfect for a single person. So head on to amazon and check out the latest prices.

​DYNAMIC Infrared Sauna Review AMZ-DYN-9101-01 Alicante – Best dynamic infrared sauna with Bio-Ceramic Heaters

​So this Dynamic Infrared sauna Alicante models is quite similar to the previous one we mentioned.

This sauna is also for those people who do not have a large budget, it is fairly priced.

The big difference in this Dynamic infrared sauna from all the other models is that this sauna has 4 Bio-Ceramic heating pads.

These Bio-ceramic heating pads helps the heat to penetrate inside your skin and give you benefits like: increases blood circulation, remove toxins from skin, eases pain or soreness in muscles and also burns calories.

These Bio-Ceramic heating pads distribute the heat more evenly and directly to you. These are much faster than water and rock saunas.

The walls on this best dynamic infrared sauna are 6mm in thickness, more than what the competitors provide. Thick walls mean it is stronger and sturdier. The wood planks on the inner surfaces are 1.13 inches thick to provide it with strength.

More thickness of the walls = more heat retention = energy saving!

Unlike traditional saunas, this dynamic infrared sauna operates best at 120 degrees, to give you comfort and enjoyment.

Another good feature of this dynamic infrared sauna is that it does not require any kind of extra wiring, you can plug and play it on any normal outlets in your house.

This is a one or two-person sauna so you can enjoy it alone or have a friend over at your house for therapeutic sauna experience.

Other features include an MP3 AUX connection capability with which you can play songs directly on the inbuilt speakers. Also, you get an interior and exterior LED control panel on which you can adjust all your settings of the sauna.

The overall weight of this best dynamic infrared sauna is 210 pounds and the dimensions are 36 X 76.5 X 39 inches.

  • ​Pros:
  • ​MP3 AUX connection.
  • ​Inbuilt speakers.
  • ​4 Bio-ceramic heating pads.
  • thumbs-up
    Perfect for singles.
  • thumbs-up
    Thick walls.
  • thumbs-up
    Plug and play in any electrical outlet in your house.
  • ​Cons:
  • ​One can fit easily but two people inside it might make it uncomfortable if one of you is large in size

​This is quite an impressive infrared sauna for personal use. Best for those who do not like carbon heating pads and want something different like the Bio-Ceramic heating pads provided in this best dynamic infrared sauna. If you want to enjoy sauna alone and want it to fit anywhere in your house, then go ahead and buy it!

​DYNAMIC Infrared Sauna Review AMZ-DYN-6202-03 Andora – Medium sized 2-person infrared sauna

​This is a medium sized 2-person infrared sauna from Dynamic infrared saunas.

It is a little big when compared to the Alicante and Barcelona models.

The overall dimensions of this dynamic infrared sauna are 48 X 42 X 75 inches with a roof overhang of 2inches. The total weight of this sauna is 330 pounds, slight more than the smaller versions.

All the basic details remain very similar to other dynamic infrared saunas, this Andora model is also made from the reforested Canadian Hemlock wood.

It features a total of 6 heating pads. These heating pads are made out of Carbon and they emitted very low levels of EMF. They are also very efficient when heating up.

The highest temperature that you can reach on this Best dynamic infrared sauna is 140F.

Although the manufacturers suggest that all the customers should use this dynamic infrared sauna at 120F, so that they are comfortable and are able to enjoy the sessions.

You get a side wall which has a huge tempered glass attached to it, so that you can look outside the sauna when having sauna sessions. The huge glass door is also transparent and tempered to withstand the temperature changes.

As with all the models, you get LED touch soft control panel, both on the inside and the outside of the dynamic sauna. You can control timings and temperature with it.

You are also provided with 2 dynamic speakers and pre Amp, to enable you to play your favourite songs through AUX connection.

  • ​Pros:
  • ​Slightly bigger than base 2-person versions.
  • ​MP3 AUX capability.
  • ​6 infrared carbon heating pads.
  • thumbs-up
    Big widow and glass door for better views.
  • thumbs-up
    Plug and play in any electrical outlet in house.
  • thumbs-up
    Can be installed anywhere you like (even on carpet).
  • ​Cons:
  • ​The weight of the sauna is 330 pounds; you might need some help moving it or installing it!

​This sauna is perfect for those of you who want some extra space while taking saunas sessions. It will easily fit two people inside it as it is slightly bigger than the base versions. So, if you liked the overall design and features of this dynamic infrared sauna then why not go to amazon and check it out yourself!

DYNAMIC Infrared Sauna Review AMZ-DYN-6210-01 Venice – biggest 2-person sauna from dynamic saunas

​Generally, when the manufacturer says the sauna is for 2 people, they say it for 2 average people. If one or both of the person using the sauna are large then it gets a little uncomfortable for both of them.

But do not worry!

This Venice model dynamic infrared sauna can fit 2 people who are little more on the heavy side of average. You won’t feel crowded in it!

This is the biggest of all the models dynamic infrared sauna provides, it is 50 inches wide, 42 inches in depth and 77 inches high. Excluding the roof overhang, which is about 4.2 inches.

The total weight of the sauna is also on the heavy side: 400 pounds.

This best dynamic infrared sauna is best suited indoors, you can place it in your basement, baths or garage. You can even place it on carpet, it won’t give you any problems.

It would take less than an hour for 2 people to assemble and install this best dynamic infrared sauna. All the parts needed to assemble this sauna are already provided, you will only need some basic tools like screwdrivers etc.

You can even plug it in any of your houses electrical outlet and it will be ready to go!

With this dynamic infrared you also get inbuilt speakers so that you can listen to music while taking a sauna session. You can use the provided AUX connection to play your songs.

There is a large bronze privacy tempered glass door and additional glass side wall with bronze privacy. So you won’t feel trapped inside a box when taking therapeutic sessions.

As with other models, this dynamic infrared sauna has 6 low EMF emitting carbon heating pads which produce heat directly inside your skin.

You also get soft LED touch control panel on both sides of the door, to allow you to control the temperature and timing from outside as well.

  • ​Pros:
  • ​Large size
  • ​MP3 connection
  • ​inbuilt speakers
  • thumbs-up
    High end 2 person sauna model
  • thumbs-up
    Reputed manufacturer
  • ​Cons:
  • ​Heavy, you might need help moving it.
  • ​Some people may find it costly considering its only 2 person sauna.

This is the biggest of all 2-person sauna dynamic saunas make. If you want a large sauna for you and your pal, then this is a very good choice. Another nifty feature is that you get bronze privacy tempered glass and windows on this sauna. So why not buy it? You will love it!

DYNAMIC Infrared Sauna Review AMZ-MX-K356-01 Maxxus – Infrared sauna perfect for corner fitting

​Are you looking for a corner fitting infrared sauna? 

Or may be looking for a good 3-person sauna?

Wait no more!

We present to you the best dynamic infrared sauna Maxxus which is perfect for corner fitting in your house.

It is designed to fit in a corner and the both the sides of this dynamic infrared sauna meet roughly at 90 degrees, so you can place it in the corner of you room.

Up to 3 people can easily and happily fit inside this spacious dynamic infrared sauna. The total dimensions of it are 60 X 60 X 75 inches with a roof overhang of roughly 9.5 inches.

It weighs only 390 pounds, considering its large in size and accommodates 3 people.

As with the Venice model you get, large bronze privacy tempered glass door and a few side wall which are also fitted with bronze privacy tempered glass.
This best dynamic infrared sauna has a total of 9 carbon heating pads in it. All these pads together creating even and uniform heating for you to enjoy.

Additional feature?

One feature that other dynamic infrared sauna models does not have is, it has its own CD player along with an MP3 AUX capability. Now you can even plug CD’s inside it!

Isn’t that cool?

With 2 large Speakers, you’ll be able to listen to your favourite Music while enjoying the sauna sessions.

You can control sauna temperature and timing on the provided Dual LED soft touch displays on the inside as well as outside the dynamic infrared sauna.
But be careful!

This best dynamic infrared sauna requires an electrical outlet which has 110V/20Amp. Regular outlet has 15 Amp in them, so you will need to call in a qualified electrician to replace the 15-amp receptacle.

  • ​Pros:
  • ​Corner fitting
  • ​Can fit 3 people easily
  • ​Can play CD’s
  • thumbs-up
    AUX connection available
  • thumbs-up
    Dual LED soft touch panels
  • thumbs-up
    Bronze privacy tempered glass on door and windows
  • ​Cons:
  • ​You will need to convert you 15-amp outlet to a 20-amp outlet by a qualified electrician

​This is best suited to people who want to have their infrared saunas placed in a corner. This design will perfectly fit in a corner in your house. It can accommodate 3 people so you can call in your friends and family to enjoy the sauna sessions. 

Everyone who bought it on amazon has given it a 5 out of 5-star rating, which says a lot about its quality and build. You won’t be disappointed after buying it!

​DYNAMIC Infrared Sauna Review AMZ-DYN-63-15-01 Florence – The best of the best infrared sauna

​This Florence Infrared sauna from dynamic infrared saunas is the best of all, it takes the lead!

With outer wall 6mm thick and inner panels 1.13 inches thick, you will absolutely love its strength and firmness. It will stay in your family for a very long time!

It has ultra-efficient 8 carbon heating pads, which send heat to your entire body uniformly and evenly. It will sooth you and your skin alike, will rejuvenate and detoxify your skin.

The LOW EMF emitting heating pads penetrate you skin 40% faster and deeper than regular ceramic pads.

Who doesn’t live a long sauna session with friends!

This best dynamic infrared sauna can accommodate up to 3 people easily, so you can have sauna session with your favourite people!

You get a huge tempered glass door in the middle and two full sized windows made with the same tempered glass material for easy view outside.

There are chromo therapy lights inside the sauna to help you relax better and get comfortable. You also get normal lights outside your sauna to add to its elegance.

Another nice feature on this dynamic infrared sauna is that you AUX capability along with Bluetooth capability. Now you can listen to your favorite songs without having to attach your phone through AUX cable. You can directly connect your phone via Bluetooth and the sauna will play music through inbuilt speakers.

We all love being wireless, don’t we?

You will up ad running within an hour, get a friend to help you out assembling as it is big and heavy.

The total weight and dimensions of this best dynamic infrared sauna are 400 pounds and 45 X 63 X 75 inches respectively.

  • ​Pros:
  • ​Can fit 3 people easily.
  • ​Has AUX and Bluetooth capability.
  • ​Indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • thumbs-up
    Led touch control panels on the inside and outside.
  • thumbs-up
    Thick walls both inside the sauna and outside it.
  • thumbs-up
    8 LOW EMF emitting carbon heating pads.
  • ​Cons:
  • ​Costly
  • ​You will need to replace your 15 amp power outlet with a 20 amp receptacle by an certified electrician!

​If you want to buy a big infrared sauna, then we would suggest you to buy this one. It has all the features that you would ever need. Perfect to fit 3 people inside, and with excellent lighting you’ll get an unforgettable sauna experience. Head on to amazon to check out more features and the latest price!

​Dynamic Infrared Sauna​ - Final Words

​Did you love reading the reviews?

Hopefully you might have chosen the one which you love, but in case you have not made up your mind, we would like to suggest you out favourite from the list.

DYNAMIC Infrared Sauna AMZ-MX-K356-01 Maxxus is our most favourite among all others on this list. It provides you with 9 low EMF emitting carbon heating pads, more than all the other models. It also has standard dual LED touch control panels on both side of the sauna.

You get bronze privacy tempered glass along with CD and MP3 capability. Even the warranty on the product is for lifetime!

What more can you ask?

This is a perfect infrared sauna for everyone, be it singles or couples. If you are single, then you can call out your friends or family over to have a beautiful and rejuvenating sauna experience together with them!

So go on ahead and buy it if you are in need of an indoor sauna, you will absolutely love it!

Thank you for reading the reviews we posted, we welcome you to check out our other reviews on different types of sauna: Best portable sauna 20​20

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Have fun Saunaing!

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