FAQ’s about infrared sauna

​FAQ’s about infrared sauna

Is infrared sauna better than the traditional one?

Yes, the infrared saunas are better as they have lower heat overall so your body can easily cope up with that. Tt sends heat directly inside your skin, which helps you sweat faster and remove toxins from your skin faster. Overall, you save money and time both.

How much time should you stay inside a sauna?

we would recommend you to stay there for a minimum of 10 to 15 minute in order for your body to remove all your toxins and relax you. The maximum limit for staying inside an infrared sauna is for 30 minutes, any more and you will risk problems.

Can you use oil inside the infrared sauna?


in fact there are sauna oils available in the market that you can apply to enhance your infrared sauna therapy. make sure that you dilute the sauna oil properly otherwise it may harm you. some benefits of using sauna oils are: heal certain skin problems, relax you, improve digestion, fights the symptoms of cold and flu and helps with pain management.

We wish you all the best in choosing the best infrared sauna for yourself.

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