Are infrared saunas safe to use in 2018?

​We all know about the traditional sauna; they are being used from many centuries now.

But are these new infrared emitting saunas safe for every?

The infrared wavelength used in these saunas are far infrared light. This light cannot be seen by your eyes but it will travel through your skin, muscles, tendons and all layers.

You will feel the sensation of heat building up inside you. That heating triggers the body cool down mechanism and you start sweating.

Dr.Hamblin who is a professor at Harvard Medical School and Principal Investigator at the Wellman Centre for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital says “Far infrared may be good for pain relief and recovery after exercise, and it may have anti-inflammatory effects”.

Infrared light has been used in hospitals to keep new born babies warm. Some studies have also found that it is a non-invasive way of treating chronic heart problems along with normalizing blood pressure and protection against oxidative state. Some other studies have also found that infrared heat might help with pains and type 2 diabetic adults.

But overall, for a lot of people, infrared sauna therapy is working great. It provides them with relief and relaxation. So let us now talk about the benefits of using an infrared sauna.

​Benefits of personal infrared saunas

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    ​Detoxifies your body through sweating (removes heavy metals and toxins).
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    ​Helps with skin anti-aging.
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    ​Helps with pain relief.
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    Decreases the amount of cellulites.
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    Improves heart health.
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    Relieves stress and strains.
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    Helps with weight loss.
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    Very good for your skin.
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    Helps in immune boosting.
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    Fights cancer.
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    Gives complete relaxation.
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    Rejuvenates the skin.
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    Burns about 600 calories in 30 minutes.
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    Peripheral neuropathy relief
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    Improves blood pressure.
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    Improves blood circulation.
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    Give relief from chronic fatigue.
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    Helps with muscle soreness after weight lifting.
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    Give you back and joints relief.

​Overall, personal infrared saunas give you a lot of health benefits. There are many stories on the internet about how using the infrared saunas has benefitted them (even from the first use itself).

So why are you waiting?

Go on and buy the best infrared sauna right now, you will be making a lifelong investment.

​Some guidelines to avoid danger!

​Do you have any silicone implants?

If yes, then you should consult your doctor first before using your personal infrared sauna. The silicone implants will attract the heat from infrared waves, so it’s wise to talk to the doctor beforehand.

Are you suffering from any kind of heart diseases?

​If yes, then go and consult your doctor first before using the infrared sauna.

Do not drink alcohol in infrared sauna. You might increase the risk of low blood pressure, irregular heart beat and other health issues.

Make sure you are well hydrated before you walk into your personal infrared sauna. You don’t want to get dehydrated from losing a lot of water as sweat. You can also sip water in between sessions just to give your body enough fluids.

Use your senses XD. Do not overheat your body.

Always monitor kids if they are using saunas.​​​

​So those were the benefits and dangers of using personal infrared sauna therapy.

If you are willing to buy a new personal infrared sauna, then you should have the complete knowledge about it.

Let us show you all the considerations you need to make before buying your own personal infrared sauna. check here!

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